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Mo’Nique is sick of black women not looking presentable in public, so she delivered a social media PSA to the women who aren’t representing themselves like she feels they should. And she’s letting folks know exactly how she feels about it. I want people to know why they see Black men in durags. Let us know in the comments. When did we step away from let me make sure I’m presentable when I leave my home? Whether you’re rocking at home or outdoors, if like most black folks here at Highsnobiety you cannot wait to rock a fancy durag, feast your eyes on some of our favorites available at L’ENCHANTEUR’s online shop below.anime costumes They were ostensibly the same sort of thing as house slippers; you wore them for a very specific reason within the confines of your own home. Especially when white people walk around in their disfraces de halloween de miedo pajamas too and have no problem getting the same respect?

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And why must we always be done up when white women wear their messy buns and yoga pants and it’s considered cute and ‘quirky’? We’re ghetto for wearing a bonnet, ghetto for wearing certain protective styles like braids because they’re fake, and “unkempt” when we wear our natural hair. Similarly, braids can have the same issue that 360 waves do, frizzy over time. playboy bunny outfits Our third durag also has the same composition as our previous product- 95% polyester and 5% spandex. Some social media users pointed out the fact she had on a rob to film a video that would reach the masses while condemining women doing the same thing when they trek through an airport. “I saw so many of our young sistas in head bonnets, scarves, slippers, pajamas, blankets wrapped around them, and this is how they’re showing up to the airport,” she explained in the 5-minute IGTV video.

I’ve been seeing sistas showing up in these bonnets and headscarves and slippers. purple durag Mo’Nique claimed that it was about pride in yourself, showing up to places presentable, and representing yourself. Famed actress Mo’Nique is not here for black women not looking presentable in public. They aren’t allowed to go out looking anyway because they are already negatively viewed as sloppy, messy, dirty, etc. So while I may disagree with her sentiment, I understand. What she really means by having “pride” in yourself is looking presentable under the white gaze. ”And the question I am having to you, my sweet babies – when did we lose pride in representing ourselves? She comes from a generation where having to uphold certain standards of respectability was a means for survival. Highsnobiety has affiliate marketing partnerships, which means we may receive a commission from your purchase. Every week, we at Highsnobiety take some time to highlight one of our favorite emerging brands.

This high quality fabric makes sures to give you all time comfort. We believe wearing a durag will be in trend for a long time as it is both functional and is aesthetically appealing. Mind you, throughout the entire video, to her 1 million followers, she was wearing a bathrobe. Blacks are often disrespected whether they’re wearing a tailored suit and floor length gown or bonnets and durags. The men featured are great people I’ve met in the scene, all with completely different interests and goals, despite being in similar social circles. Men with low hair wear durags and brush their hair in a forward motion daily to form a wave pattern in their hair. To put it simply: after you brush your hair you can mess it up as it rubs on your pillowcase when you sleep. This is strong enough to be wrapped on your head all night while you sleep. Durags were invented to work for keeping braids together, especially while sleeping. On the bottom line both these durags can help you in wave formation.

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